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Leave My Brain Alone!

....but feel free to read my innermost thoughts

Apocalypse A-Go-Go
28 November
gah. What is there to say besides I am probably a lot crazier than you? Well, it makes for an interesting read I guess.
50's, 60's, 80's movies, a fish called wanda, ab fab, adrian tomine, adult swim, amélie, aqua teen hunger force, bbc, being cute, ben folds, ben kweller, blackadder, blur, books, boys, britcoms, bruce mcculloch, buzzcocks, cartoons, chris ware, craig thompson, crayons, crazy makeup, cry baby, cute hair, daniel clowes, dave mckean, dhani harrison, drawing, eric idle, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, eyes, family guy, fashion, felting, france, freaks and geeks, french films, fun, gale harold, george harrison, girl bands, go-go girls, graham chapman, grandaddy, guitar, guster, hal sparks, i love you, icons, interpol, john cleese, kings of convience, letters to cleo, librarians, life of brian, little voice, lloyd llewellyn, love, make-up, mark mckinney, martin freeman, michael ian black, michael palin, mod, monty python, monty python's flying circus, neil innes, neon colors, older men, oranger, owl stretching time, paris, paul mccartney, paul simon, polka dots, pop art, queer as folk, ricky gervais, roald hoffman, rock n' roll, rockabilly, rocko's modern life, ron weasley, rowan atkinson, roy lichtenstein, rufus wainwright, sarcasm, scott thompson, simon& garfunkel, sleater-kinney, smiling, songwriting, spice girls, swing dancing, t-shirt surgery, tea, terry gilliam, terry jones, the bbc, the blue moon boys, the brian jonestown massacre, the cardigans, the kinks, the meaning of life, the office, the pretty things, the ravonettes, the rutles, the sandman, the yeah yeah yeahs, the zombies, thrift stores, underground comics, vespas, vintage, vintage cars, weetzie bat, wilco, writing, you